Jounin Exam Guide Part 1 : Hand Seal

For the player who may have difficulty in jounin exam, here are tips and tricks that I have made so it can help the player through the jounin exam. Hope helps: D

Jounin Exam Part 1: Hand Seal

Here's a picture that I took when I was doing my part 1 jounin exam. If the picture - I took a picture that has been different from what you get when the jounin exams, no need to worry, you can follow the alternative was a trick that I posted at the bottom of the picture - a picture of hand seals below.

Alternative Tricks
For some people who already know the PrintScreen on a computer system certainly will not be difficulties in completing this exam, but for you who do not know this system follows the guidelines.

1. Open the app ninja saga on your facebook, then go to a special mission and go on a mission part 1 jounin exam.

2. Once open follow the dialogue which existed until you get in on the test.

3. Start the test and when you get in on the process of considering the images (the process by which a picture card hand seals shown), immediately press the "PrintScreenSysRq" that existed on the keyboard you, before the card in the lid. When you do not know the location of the button, the button "PrintScreenSysRq" on a standard keyboard is in group 2 on the keyboard buttons to the left Numpad on the scroll lock, pause break, insert, home, PageUp, PageDown and arrow keys. See the picture below the keyboard.

Note: not all the same keyboard, I used a picture of a standard keyboard.

4. After the "PrintScreenSysRq" button, open MS-Paint through Start-All programs-Accessories-Paint.
Note: You also can use other image processing program such as Photoshop, Corel, etc., or using MS-Word, and simply press the button and paste in the program.

5. After the paint program is open press the key combination CTRL + V on your keyboard, and NS-screen image will appear when you press the "PrintScreenSysRq" earlier. Then you just match the images that exist in a paint with an answer on your NS game.

Note: If you press the "PrintScreenSysRq" when the card is covered with hand seals then that is what will appear when you use the CTRL + V in paint, so press the "PrintScreenSysRq" hand seals when the card is still shown.

Hopefully you all can get the badges on part 1 of this exam. Good Luck: D

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